Project Name: IPA 2022 Multi-beneficiary statistical cooperation programme

Eastern Bridge is looking for interested senior and junior experts to work on the IPA 2022 Multi-beneficiary statistical cooperation programme. If you are interested in being added to our roster of expert candidates, please send us your updated CV with relevant experience related to particular focus of this programme.

For information about the overall objective and specific objective(s) of the programme please see below.

Please send us your updated CV with relevant experience as the particular focus in this programme will be on the following statistical areas:

  • Government Finance and Excessive Deficit Statistics
  • National Accounts – Methodology
  • National Accounts Transmission Programme (ANA, QNA, quality reporting)
  • Regional Accounts
  • Sector Accounts
  • Supply, use and input-output tables (SUIOTs)
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICPs), House Price Index (HPI)
  • Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs)
  • Business Registers
  • Short Term business statistics: Improvement of compliance with the European business statistics regulation
  • Transport statistics
  • Energy statistics
  • Structural Business Statistics / Business Demography
  • Labour Force Survey
  • Survey on Income and Living Conditions
  • Social Protection
  • Labour Cost Index
  • Environmental accounts
  • Waste statistics
  • Water statistics
  • Quality management
  • Communication
  • Sustainable development
  • Reporting on horizontal activities
  • And other important areas of statistics (as agriculture statistics, etc.) or linked with EU acquis or the Commission priorities areas.

These domains of work were identified based on requests by the partner countries, the results from previous and on-going assistance programmes, Eurostat’s IPA strategy 2021-2027 and on assessments of the state of the statistical systems in the partner countries undertaken by Eurostat.

The actions should also horizontally contribute to improve partner countries’ statistics as regards disaggregation by gender (and gender equality statistics in any form) and contribute to digitalising the NSIs of the partner countries.

Overall objective is:

Prepare the statistical authorities in the partner countries for future EU membership by aligning their present methodologies and practice with the statistical acquis and to integrate them into the European Statistical System.

The action will directly contribute to the increased production of acquis-compliant statistical data in the partner countries.

Partner countries under the IPA 2022 Multi-partner statistical cooperation programme are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Türkiye.

Specific objective(s)

The specific objectives of this contract are as follows:

  • Upgrade and strengthen the statistical systems in the partner countries.
  • Improve the availability, reliability, timeliness, quality and comparability of statistical data in the partner countries, essential for developing, implementing and monitoring of European policies (such as the Western Balkans Strategy, the Economic & Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, policy dialogues with Türkiye) and for the preparation of the partner countries for future EU membership.
  • Support the efforts in ensuring the professional independence of the NSIs and strengthen the governance role of NSIs as coordinators of the official statistical system, increasing the trust and confidence in official statistics by users.
  • Improve the efficiency of the NSSs using modern and cost-effective methods for statistical production (as the use of administrative registers and other (new) data sources).

Start date & period of implementation:

The intended start date is May 2024 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 48 months from this date.


Activities will take place in the most appropriate location as identified in agreement with the Commission and the partner countries. This will usually be in the premises of the Contractor, in the partner countries, in EFTA countries, in ENP countries or in the European Union, and for meetings with Eurostat management staff at Eurostat offices in Luxembourg. Exceptionally and with prior approval by Eurostat, an activity could take place in another country not mentioned above.