May 14, 2018, Author: Editorial Team

Eastern Bridge CEO Danijel Pantić has participated in a traditional annual conference of International Consulting Alliance (ICA) – ICA EVENT 2018. The conference took place in Valencia, Spain, and gathered more than 80 participants from 35 countries worldwide. During three days long event that started on April 24th Eastern Bridge representative had several bilateral meetings with top level consulting experts. ICA, founded in 2012 is a constantly growing alliance, currently counting 65 member organizations, both profit and non-profit actors (private consultancies, public and semi-public entities, NGOs etc).
Eastern Bridge CEO had the opportunity to share experience and thoughts with consulting experts, members of ICA. The main goal of this event was to facilitate networking among stakeholders, coming from all corners of the world. ICA is a unique network of organizations and experts, sharing knowledge and intelligence in a flexible and pragmatic way, focusing on the award of projects and quality of services delivered. The main idea is to have the best partners and experts working together.