Project Title: Supporting the IPA Operating Structure in Project Planning and Finance Management in Environment Sector, North Macedonia NEAR/SKP /2021/EA-RP /0168

Overall objective

The overall objective (Impact) to which this action contributes is:
to create environment for optimal absorption, use and management of EU funds which will lead to better EU approximation process in the environment and climate action sector.

Specific objective(s)

The specific objectives (Outcomes) of this contract are as follows:
to provide technical assistance to the IPA structure within MoEPP in programming, tendering, implementation and monitoring. Specifically,

  • to improve the capacity of the IPA structure within the MoEPP, related to management, implementation and monitoring;
  • to prepare complete applications and tendering/contractual documents for minimum 10 mature projects ready to be contracted;
  • to support the IPA structure within the MoEPP, as well as capacities of final beneficiaries in acquiring experience and knowledge regarding project preparation, project monitoring and implementation and in contract management, through training activities.
  • To prepare IPA III Operational Programme 2024-2027, ready for approval

Key expert has a crucial role in implementing the contract. These terms of reference contain the required key experts’ profiles.

All experts must have an excellent command of English, oral and writing and computer literacy.

The core Project Team shall consist of the following key expert- Team Leader and a pool of non-key experts. During the inception phase of the project, a deployment plan of the short-term assistance will be developed in cooperation with the direct Beneficiary.

At least 90% of the Contractor’s activities should be implemented in the Beneficiary country. In exceptional cases, the Contracting Authority may approve working days out of the beneficiary country based on duly substantiated written justifications.

Key expert 1: Team Leader

 Qualifications and skills

  • A university degree in engineering, environmental science, economics, law or other relevant field or 15 years of general professional experience.

 General professional experience

  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in preparing strategic documents related to management of EU pre-accession funds and/or management of structural and/or cohesion funds.

Specific professional experience

  • Experience as a Team Leader or Key expert in at least 1 (one) completed service project in the field of management of EU funds in the environmental sector.
  • Experience in 1 (one) completed project for capacities building of civil servants in EU programming, implementation and monitoring.
  • Experience in 1 (one) completed project for preparation and programming multi sector programmes such as EU and/or IPA Operational Programmes.

The Team Leader will have at least minimum 400 days over 30 months.

The Team Leader will have overall responsibility for the management of the project activities and overall coordination of all project staff (including coordination of the work of the other non-key experts). S/he will ensure that all non-key experts are agreed with the project Beneficiary and Contracting Authority and engaged on time to enable a smooth project implementation. S/He will ensure regular communication with the project manager appointed by the Beneficiary for all clarifications and requirements.

Note:    The daily fee for the work performed in home office should be lower than the one for the time spent in North Macedonia. This should be appropriately reflected in the financial offer.

All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.

The project is planned to start in October 2023 and last 30 months.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]