Project: Support to Sector Reform Contract on Public Administration Reform (PAR) EuropeAid/139844/DH/SER/XK

Key Expert 1: Team Leader – Legal Adviser on Public Administration Reform (full time min. 570 days)

Will have overall responsibility for the implementation of the project and will be the main contact point for the EU Office and the project beneficiaries;

Will work with the Ministry of Public Administration, and as relevant, other institutions, to improve the overall functioning and efficiency of the public administration in Kosovo;

Will provide advice to the highest levels of the Ministry of Public Administration on policy, legislation and implementation of the PAR related reforms in Kosovo, as needed and pro-actively in order to achieve the results foreseen in these Terms of reference;

Will support the coordination between all beneficiaries and the different result areas; including coordination with the PAR National Coordinator;

Will actively engage with beneficiaries and partners to identify challenges and weak areas in need of further support under the pool of non-key experts (including preparing relevant Terms of Reference for these);

Will support the MPA in the preparation and the implementation of the PAR related legislation (Law on salaries, LPO and LOFSAIA);

Will support the Government/MPA in the creation of a mechanism facilitating the alignment of special laws with LGAP;

Will support MPA to align special laws with the Legal General Administrative Procedure (LGAP);

Will coordinate, supervise and assure quality with regards to the key experts and non-key experts – and ensure that all experts provide high quality deliverables;

Will be responsible for the regular reporting and will attend the Steering Committee meetings;

Will provide regular and ad-hoc consultations to the Contracting Authority, the Beneficiary and the recipient institutions; and propose corrective measures, when necessary; and,

Will engage and co-ordinate with the relevant Civil Society Organizations, partners’ projects and inform about the project activities and specific topics to a wider audience as relevant.


Qualifications and skills

A Bachelor degree in law. A Master degree in law is considered an advantage.

General professional experience

  • At least 10, preferably 12 years, of professional experience in one or more fields relating to the management and/or development of a national public administration on horizontal issues affecting the administration as a whole.


Specific professional experience

  • Experience¹ in the position of team leader in at least two projects² in two different countries, based in the institution supporting overall central government in reforming its public administration that include components pertaining to at least three of the following PAR related areas: general government service delivery, HRM, recruitment of civil servants, salary reform, HRMIS, Government e-services and/or open data.


¹Only long term consecutive experience of at least six (6) months will be counted.

²A piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose.