Project: Support to Sector Reform Contract on Public Administration Reform (PAR) EuropeAid/139844/DH/SER/XK

Key expert 3: Communication/Open data expert (min. 250 days)

Key activities of the Communication/open data expert will include:

Will support MPA in the preparation of a PAR Communication Plan that is rooted in the reforms foreseen in the PAR strategic framework, and in particular in the PAMS;

Will support MPA/AIS in the advancement of the open data agenda in the public sector in Kosovo;

Will prepare, together with the MPA, information materials, with specific focus on online information related to the results of the reforms in Public Administration in Kosovo;

Will assist MPA to further improve the public consultation process for PAR (early consultation, meetings, reporting) and the relations between MPA and CSOs;

Will support the MPA to maximise the use of social media in order to disseminate the information on the PAR reform progress;

Will support the further development of the e-Kosovo Portal through supporting AIS in the implementation of a user-friendly interface design and in the evaluation of e-services provided by institutions;

Will work with the Team Leader and the HR expert on supporting all internal and external communication/promotion activities of the project; and, 

Will ensure messages and stories related to overall reforms in Kosovo are “reader friendly” and understandable for the general public.


Qualifications and skills

∙€University degree.

General professional experience

∙€At least 7 years of relevant professional experience in the public communications area.

Specific professional experience

∙€At least 5 years of professional experience in working at/with the communication offices at the central governmental level or at least 5 years of experience in supporting a public institution in the advancement of the open data agenda; and,

∙€Experience in at least 2 projects supporting governmental institutions to communicate horizontal reforms.