Project: Support to Sector Reform Contract on Public Administration Reform (PAR) EuropeAid/139844/DH/SER/XK

Key expert 2: Human Resources (HR) Adviser (full time min. 570 days)

Key activities of the HR Adviser include:

Will assist the MPA to prepare guidelines, manuals, forms, templates and other necessary tools for the recruitment procedures aligned to the new law on public officials;

Will support the MPA to fully implement HRMIS and assure interoperability between HRMIS and payroll system (preparation of guidelines, trainings);

Will assist in the establishment of the new Department for Management of Public Officials (DMPO) and support the staff in fulfilling the responsibilities foreseen in the new law on Public Officials; such as preparation of guidelines and procedures for appraisal and career development;

generic and specific questions for recruitment procedures, based on job families as per new legislation, etc.;

Will assist, together with the DMPO, line ministries, as relevant, in the implementation of the new recruitment procedures as foreseen in the LPO, such as for example in the use of objective selection methods and standards in internal and external competitions;

Will support the MPA in the preparation of job classifications, as needed;

Will support the MPA/KIPA in the preparation of training plans, training modules/materials and curricula on the LPO; and,

Will assist MPA/KIPA to prepare a training of trainers (ToT) for the developed training programmes on the LPO.


Qualifications and skills

  • A university degree in a field related to the sector, such as Human Resource Management, Public Administration, social- or statistical sciences or law; A Master degree in the relevant field is considered as an advantage.


General professional experience

  • At least 10, preferably 12 years, of relevant professional experience in public HR management/development area.


Specific professional experience

  • Experience¹ in at least two projects providing general human resources support to governmental institutions;
  • Experience² in at least two projects in the provision of support and advice in the development and/or implementation of the policy and/or legal framework regarding public administration service delivery and human resources management (i.a. developing the institutional setup enabling consistent and effective human resources management; a remuneration system based on job classifications and/or recruitment/promotion based on objective criteria and merit)

¹Only long term consecutive experience of at least six (6) months will be counted

²Only long term consecutive experience of at least six (6) months will be counted